Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Winter Fight: By Mattoo Manner (Maxime Hilaire)

The Winter Fight

Sportswear vest protects your chest, the scarf protects your neck,
beanie protects your skull, and gloves protect the prints. I kill in
cold blood protect your cells from the man who lost his soul. Freezing
cold below zero no hot chocolate to be sold a warm soul turned cold
deprived of heat and sleep, please check the furnace, thermostat
broken, feet are numb motion sickness from the lack of blood flow.
Control the cold,
Turn up the heat by one degree rubbing hands, and cover your ears for
the cursing out of the freezing breeze. Wind blows the branch that
once held leaves swinging nothing just a moving stick while moving
sick. Hands warmer than the feet tears roll on the surface of dry
skin. Coughing up air gasping for breathe shivering and gritting teeth
looking for a warm opening. Suffering facing a cold death, placing a
tongue over chapped lips that cracked and began to bleed. Tears roll
blood flows in a room of no interactions, emotions crack. Minus two
degrees please check the thermostat no heat raises fingers slowly
numbing as the body lays. Afraid to sleep daydreaming awake praying
for heat
Layer upon layer is no use, holes filled clothes which lost the
possible heat he thinks he lost his feet. Frost bite took his soul;
the cold took his balance and swept him off his feet total knockout
helplessly facing defeat on the ground the body stays as the body
decays the butcher chopping the meat ashes to ashes meat is meat
cannibalism dog eat dog. A feast is a feast. Victory for the
opposition who raises the roof and inside raises the heat
Welcome to the "Belly of the Beast"

Mattoo Manner better known as Maxime Hilaire

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