Thursday, June 18, 2009

"WETTEST CURL" !!!!!!!!

This video is hilarious. "I just want the wettest curl in the world". Is that so much to ask for?! Read more...

Friday, June 12, 2009


This weeks feature post is on the one and only JENESIS MAGAZINE. They've been doing their thing for while and bringing true passion, talent, honesty, and the best of the best for everyone to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the reads.

Who started the magazine?
JMag: The magazine was started by Brian Tolbert and Thomas Agnew (myself)

How and why did this come to be? Meaning why bring this form of publication to life?
JMag: JENESIS Magazine is a magazine founded on a dream. Designed to meet the needs of Pittsburgh and others alike, JENESIS Magazine meshes together not only the city's urban society with local and national updates on music, the latest in fashion, news, and events but also brings in influences of international happenings also.

I can respect that and glad that you're doing it to the fullest. What kind of audience are you trying to reach?
JMag: JENESIS is targeted towards 18-34 year old men and women. Our vision is for this publication to appeal to people of both sexes, from diverse backgrounds and a multitude of races. Everyone from professionals, to hip-hoppers, to punk rockers and so on.

When are your issues released? Monthly, weekly, everyday lol?!!
JENESIS Magazine is a monthly online publication that is made available to readers for Free.

For free huh? Couldn't hear any better words in a recession lol.!! How's does it work about for you having your mag available for free and where are most of your readers based?
In less than a 2 year span since starting from the hard work of 5 people, JENESIS has completed 180 articles with 102 articles being Pittsburgh community based. Our reading audience extends to over 5,700 cities in 150 countries with 78% in the Continental United States and 22.4% in other countries with the top 3 being Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. We've also connected with such places as Australia, France, Spain, China, and Brazil just to name a few.

Hard work really does pay off. Who do you look for to feature in your magazine, so the people reading can get a heads up on how to get their shine one in one of the dopest mags out there.
JENESIS has featured people based locally, nationally, and internationally consisting with people such as: DJ's Mick Boogie, DJ Drama, DJ Smallz, DJ EV, Girl Talk, Recording Artist Joe Budden, Asher Roth, B.o.B, Skyzoo, Sirius Satellite/Lip Service Host Angela Yee, Comedian Kevin Hart, Actresses Sheryl Lee Ralph, Angell Conwell, Paige Hurd, Professional Athletes Allan Houston (NY Knicks), Kerry Rhodes (NY Jets), Darrelle Revis (NY Jets), Shaun Livingston (Memphis Grizzlies), and Local Entreprenuers Wiz Khalifa (recording artist), Monty Meza-Clay (professional boxer), Anthony M. (national music producer), DJ's Nugget, Bonics, and Zimmie.

That's SUPER DOPE.!!!! Thank for all of the love and time.

For more info on JENESIS MAGAZINE contact

Thomas Agnew
JENESIS Magazine