Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heart Sleeve: By Mr. Idol

You are my "I Put No One Above" thing
This is not a lust thing it's a love thing
You know this love thing is a real thing
You keep me afloat and never let my sub sink
What I think subconsciously is that you have my heart in a harness to be honest
I wear my emotions and my heart on my arm sleeve
And you stole it
Just another mild case of armed robbery

You don't need an alibi to corroborate your story
I'll tell them the truth surely
You're my baby like Maury

I really appreciate all the small things
You're my personal cheerleader for my ball team
You are what I see in my dreams
I want to make this a husband and wife thing
As crazy as this might seem
I'm addicted to you like dope and morphine

I made great mistakes but to translate what my mind fixates
It'll take Dracula's stake to displace my heart and replace sweet thoughts of you
Who am I to fool
When I close my eyes I feel tears from the sky fall from the thought of you
We're a match made in Heaven
Living on Cloud 9
I don't want to procrastinate or waste time
Tick Tick Tick Chime
My heart is on my mind and my mind is on my heart
Which is you
So it's safe to say you had my soul from the start

I control every emotion that I might feel
But with you I can't
I love this experience
It's like a first timer popping mushrooms and white pills and being left in the dark
I just roll with it like dice will and hope for a safe trip

Now I'm back again like McFly and his Dolorean
I want it to take me back to the future or past
Whatever it takes to make this love last
Forever and Always
I'm here to stay


  1. <3 <3 <3 You are ubber talented papa! MUAH!

  2. you getting a lot of love off of the poem I see........