Sunday, May 31, 2009


This post is a feature on one of the dopest sites out there. Sneak Hype. These are my people and apart of the COOL KIDS CLIQUE. Read below to see our interview and be sure to hit up their web page at They bring complete dopeness to the game and are on the come up. Show them some love.

What's everyone's name in the crew?
We got Eric Giroux aka EG, Pat Galbraith aka PG, Andrew Herrera-Thomas
aka HT, & myself Tyler Sechler aka tsech.

When Did you get started?
It was originally started in July of 2008, personally i jumped on the
team a little later like November of 2008.

ME: Why did you get started?
That's a good question, there are a couple of a reasons why we started Sneakhype. First off everyone in the crew has a good sense of fashion, a unique sense of fashion, and we are all really interested in kicks, clothes, art, street wear or urban culture, whatever you wanna call it. So we created Sneakhype because we really wanted to get involved in the street wear game and thought we had something to offer and so far the response has been great.

What kind of things do you look for to post on your web page?
Pretty much anything eye-catching & thought provoking. Whatever is
fresh as well as things that we all personally like with our own
tastes & styles. So whether its Kicks, Art, or Music its usually
something that we actually have or would like to have. We don't
always put up what the newest out is, some stuff might be something
that's been around for awhile, but we want to share it with whoever
checks the site out.

How did you come up with the name?
Really it was Pat just kinda kickin' it by himself and thought of it,
something catchy & not too complicated. Something that people would
recognize & remember.

What do you guys do besides the blog?
Well for one, we do throw occasional concerts around our local area,
Lawrence & Topeka, KS. Second we also like to help out brands that
are trying to grow. We'll present brands such as Apliiq to local
stores, so that way word can spread about there brand. Since we're
also kind of in the start of things we like to help out other
companies, brands, etc. who are also just getting started.

What are you looking to gain from this?
P*@!$y, money, weed.. haha joking, sort of. Really right now gaining
exposure is key, other then that just having fun with the whole thing,
and trying to spread the freshness around for everyone to enjoy.

Where are you trying to take SNEAK HYPE?
Right now as far as we can go, no matter what route that means. There's a lot of opportunities out there so we just need to take advantage of every position we're in and make moves to increase our exposure, and make things happen for the better.

ME: Are you gonna build a site for people to buy? THE HYPE: Well i mean that's always an option for further down the road. How far
down the road, I'm not sure. Since we're still growing we'd like to
hold on to the site the way it is for now and help it to continually

ME: Whats next for the SNEAK HYPE movement? THE HYPE: There's a lot of things in the works right now, probably can't reveal a whole lot of 'em. We do have the new site layout coming up in around a month or less, given everything continues smooth with that process. We're also working on possibly doing some concert/shows outside of our local area. As far anything else I better keep under wraps for now.

ME: That's dope fam. I congradulate you guys on everything you've done and will continue to do. I appreciate what you cool dudes bring to the table and looking forward to what's coming next. Thanks for the love and support and see you at the top.

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